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Enjoy peace of mind when business or pleasure takes you out of town. Hire a mature and responsible person to pet-sit your animals or house-sit your home.


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Helpful Hints

Cat Collar Birds Can see! One of my clients showed me this fantastic and colorful break-away color for outdoor cats that allows birds to see them easily and fly away!  Check out

Healthy Food. 13 Cat Foods Ranked from Good to Diastrous. Learn about the best species specific foods for your cat. This list helped me make changes for my own beloved felines. 

Litter Box Care. Proper litter box care is vital to your cat's health and your own sanity. The rule is to have one more litter box than you have cats. Use unscented, clumping litter. Scoopy daily and dump the box, clean with dish soap (unscented if possible), dry and refill weekly. Do not use bleach or other cleaning products. Cats don't like the smell and may find an alternative place to urinate that won't make you happy. For some further information, check out 10 Ways to Ace Litterbox Maintenance.